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gNewSense 2.0, a premier Freedomware platform based on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, released

I believe it is worth a special mention that gNewSense 2.0 has just been released. It is based off Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron which was released just a week ago, so this is a brand new thing for everyone who wishes to run a pure Free Software system. However, there is much more to it than being a system for uncompromising Freedomware enthusiasts.

Even if you are not eager to run 100% pure Free Software system, gNewSense is a great way to see just how much is still missing from a truly GNU and Linux based Free Operating System today therefore emphasizing what Free Software developers and community testers should focus on improving or developing. That said, it also shows just how far has a Freedomware OS come, as many may run it without any problems and missing functionalities if you have the right hardware configuration.

gNewSense is also an excellent way for those who are buying new computers and wish seamless GNU/Linux support to see what is 100% supported by Freedomware and make your hardware buying decisions accordingly. Freedomware drivers with full access and rights to the source code also allow for the best possible user experience, compared with binary non-free drivers and other system components (like flash) which frequently cause problems and instability due to developers being unable to fix and adapt them. This makes looking to buy 100% Freedomware compliant hardware quite a smart move, and gNewSense is an excellent platform to use for testing Freedomware compliance.

You can read more about why gNewSense makes sense here.

For more information about gNewSense releases look here.

If you are a Freedomware developer, I hear they could use a hand. You can get in touch straight at #gnewsense IRC channel, which also serves as a gNewSense support channel.

Feel free to digg the release here.



great, I really want to


great, I really want to check that out,
I read somewhere that there was some non-free OpenGL/Mesa related stuff and they were removed, any info about that?
the BLAG distro has also started a linux-libre version of the kernel which is a good thing for the goal of Freedomware.
I will try to clean up some space and install gNewSense on my desktop.

You might be referring to

You might be referring to some GLX stuff, which they say here was removed. But since making it 100% Free Software is the core goal of the gNewSense project I'd bet everything in this release is 100% Free.

Of course, in case anyone finds something that isn't, a bug report can be filed here.

I'll probably try it out as well one of these days.


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