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AH yes. A FOSS clique. I like it. New design and all. God job, Danijel. I assume you are to blame? Also, button. Sweet. I approve!

A very happy new year to everybody!


Re: Grandiose!

Thank you, I'm very glad you like it! Smiling

The plan now is to add a multimedia section that will allow easy posting of video and podcasts about FOSS in one place.

There should also be more content so in addition to writing some myself I intend to try and encourage FOSS bloggers to do guest posts on Nuxified blogs with a special info block about them and a link back to their blog as a reward and I'm also considering offering $10 for articles (not blog, but articles section) like reviews and tutorials. Bucks are just an extra incentive since reviews and tutorials can be harder to write.

Finally, there might be a social block in the sidebar with all the tweets from a special selected twitter/identica microblogger who has best tweets about FOSS plus all tweets from a #nxfd twitter/identica tag so anyone who wants their tweet to show up sitewide on Nuxified just has to use the short #nxfd tag.

I'll write a full post of all the new stuff once done.

Happy new year to you as well!

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