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Libervisco (mostly) unavailable for the next 3-4 days

I would just like to make it known that if you notice a slow response from me this is because I am attending a conference for the next 3 days as well as hosting one of the conference participants. So I wont have much time to dedicate to the game fest.

The 1vs1 tournaments can proceed as they already are as long as both players in a match follow the rules. In short, each player chooses one map to play. If there is a big ping difference, one player's map is played on the other players server and vice versa, to balance the disadvantages out.

The Tremulous tournament, while essentially ready to proceed, may need me as a referee who can also set unlagged to on if both teams agree so, lock teams so spectators don't spoil matches and just generally oversee that it's done by the rules. So I'm inclined to discourage doing any matches for Tremulous in the next few days, except if I find some evening time and there is a pair of teams ready for a match at that time. I'll let you know if and when I'm available.

So basically, this is just a temporary slow down. By next week things will again get fully up to speed! So don't be discouraged for participation.

In fact, I think this is an excellent chance for the almost-ready and ready tournaments (OA CTF, Nexuiz CTF and Tremulous) to practice your skills so that when the time comes to rock, you be the one who rocks! Eye


Cya soon!