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multiple OSs

I just installed Sun's virtualbox 2.x and had an extremely easy time installing XP Pro.

I did have to do a workaround as I wanted to have my vdi-files not setup in the default location (~/.virtualbox/) but on in the /usr/local/ area and the program did not support this. So I created a virtual XP setup to get the vdi-file and then deleted my virtual XP and created it again, this time just selecting my vdi-file now at my preferred location.

Now, I don't need to dual boot Linux and Windows, it's now straight Linux with Windows running inside of Linux. It is so much more convenient way to use Windows, as I do have a few Windows programs I still need/use.


Virtualbox is awesome and

Virtualbox is awesome and this is really a good way to run both OSs, at least if programs you need don't require things that virtualbox doesn't support well (like 3D games). Most people are soon also gonna have virtualization capable hardware too.

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