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I refer you to this great article on "Newbies and magic".

GNU/Linux newbies (pretty much newbies to any other Free Software systems) almost always come from Windows, an operating system that they've been trained with and in a way trained by. They have been trained to rely on "magic" as this article points out and magic is something abstract, obscure, but magical. They never really saw the cause of a problem or furthermore any action that their OS does. They just saw it being done and they saw it being broken.

Dive into Python

Dive into Python - Submerge yourself in a new list of titles

Cash'n'CarrionDive Into Python is a hands-on guide to the Python language. Each chapter starts with a real complete code sample, proceeds to pick it apart and explain the pieces, and then puts it all back together again in a summary at the end.…



good book. definately recommeded to programmers who want to learn python, the most beautiful language in existance. Eye Although you can download it for free, I have it in print. Apress books are usually good, and having it in print is really nice. And a printed, high quality book under the GFDL is an uncommon sight. Long live Apress for daring to sell such a thing Smiling

Nuxified Blog

Yes, as suggested, the blogging feature is here. It allows you to post things you feel aren't so suitable for forums as they could be for a blog. Thus you blog them here. While forums are for support questions and answers mainly as well as discussions of specific technical topics and articles are for reviews, tutorials and alike (which have to be approved before submission), blogs are for your rants on certain technical topics regarding Free Software.

So, maybe you believe a certain thing should be done differently in a certain application or even an operating system, but you don't feel like it would be something you'd put in a full scale article because you just want to get it out in a more straightforward way (less preparation, more spontaneity) - well rant it out in a Nuxified blog! This is the place for your technical Free Software rants.