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Those cool, fancy images are all over the Internet. Many people call them HDRI (High Dynamic Range Images), although they usually are not, at least not originally.

If all application would use sound-systems like Arts things could be so much easier.

One of my Christmas-gifts was a sweet new hard-disk. A 250GB SATA2-drive made by Hitachi (made right around the corner in Shenzhen...).

My new music-player

Today I got myself a new music-player, because my old MP3-stick had three big problems:

  1. No support for OGG/Vorbis

For quite some time creating proper video-tutorials with Linux wasn't very comfortable.
I tried it with Cinelerra before, but since it's a fully featured video-editor it's too blown up for this simple task. Other solutions, like for example VNC2SWF only record video, but no sound.