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Certain pages on this site lead to a "reported attack site" warning for Firefox 3 users which is apparently a feature built into Firefox 3 and provided by Google.

In Windows they are used for a long time already, but most Linux-users probably don't even know that their system supports them too. Access Control Lists (ACLs) extend the regular permissions we all know with the possibility to give permissions for specific users/groups.

With a little example I want to show how to use ACLs in Linux.

NASL goreng

Well, I've been reading through an older security-book I have here and found a chapter about the Nessus Attack Scripting Language, short NASL.

I've been mentioned the POSIX-capabilities in my post about EasyLFS 0.5 and promised another post to clarify what they

Novell seems to have come to the conclusion that AppArmor might not be worth it's money. At least they have dissolved the project and, as it seems, fired the team that has been working on it.