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This is the forum where you can ask for help in choosing a GNU/Linux distro, or give help to those who need it. You can discuss any topic that closely relates to helping you choose a distro and get started with it (which will likely affect your decision anyway).

I started writing an article as a response to those who say that despite it continuously growing, GNU/Linux is too slow in displacing Windows on the desktop. I believe it is just getting started, but I'll save the elaboration for the article.

Did you convert anyone to GNU/Linux, like friends of family members? How did you do it and how do they like their new operating system?

This thread is about sharing those kinds of stories.

I'll start with mine, as an example.

Perfect OS

I have a weakness and it is an inability to settle on one thing, its pros and cons and be still. Cons always get me looking for something new and different. If there is even a slight irritation or an envisioned possibility of something significantly better I have a desire to pursue that even if I'm not sure I'd be able or motivated enough to go all the way.