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How many of you have built your own GNU/Linux distro at home and packed it into an iso for later burning and possibly even sharing?

As far as I am aware one of the better know distros that were done with LFS books is Arch, though Judd Vinett, the guy who did it, probably had quite some experience with it to pull such a great job together. Well he did wrote his own package manager, pacman. Smiling

Hey folks.

Currently I'm constructing myself an LFS and am at the point where I have to build glibc within the chrooted environment.
I used all the latest software to build the build environment, including gcc 4.1 and glibc 2.4. Everything worked fine so far, and I only had to apply the perl-patch which is mentioned in the book (LFS 6.1.1).

So, all you gentooers, source mages and linux from scratchers that put so many time waiting to compile everything from source, is it really worth it and if yes why?

I heard gentoo users do it because of performance gain mostly so the logical question would be does the performance gained outweight the loss in compiling time?