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Hello I'm new here and new to other operating systems as I'm on windows home. I am looking into cutting hosting costs and building my own server to host my websites which will leave me just paying for domain names.

Evolution and Exchange

At my office, after waiting nearly a century, they finally updated our backend mail server connection from an older Exchange Server to at least Exchange Server 2000. Now the Outlook Web Interface works much better and is the proper version such that my Evolution program in Linux can connect to it just fine.

At my office tonight, we have a hung-up blade server. I think the last time this happened and we checked in the past, it was a process that had consume 100% of the processor and therefore it won't respond to anything.

I want to make a minimal Ubuntu Live CD for distributing my PHP/PostgreSQL Web app and letting users try it out the easy way.

Hopefully the features will be:

* 'ne' command line editor
* Standard GNU tools like tr, ls, tar, grep, sort, pspell, etc.

I have this syslog that collects input from SNARE, a FLOSS service that runs on WIndows and forwards this to my SLES9 server. Unfortunately the syslog settings are clearing the logfile out after so many days, wiping out something like an 8 hour window of time where we weren't able to see the logs.