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Upon boot, when starting udev, I get:

udevd-event run_program: '/sbin/alsactl' abnormal exit

Sound distortions

This is something I didn't expect from a new motherboard, but I think it is a software support problem. It happens, in games mostly, that the sound gets distorted and stutters. It is quite annoying. I'm wondering what could it be?

If you saw my post here...

...then you'll love the new GUI I built for this in Javascript and XUL, which I have hosted here:

I messed up my sound drivers (or something related) when cleaning up a couple of packages.

Seems like I was wrong. Now the sound doesn't work and the sound icon in the upper-right corner shows there's no sound. When I click that icon it says that I'm either without GStreamer plugin or sound driver. I'm not sure which, but I guess GStreamer.