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My current sunny desktop

My current sunny desktop

This is just a quick shot of my current desktop. I haven't done it in a while so here is it. I am beginning to like the Ubuntu orange/brown look more and more. It's actually leaning more to the orange with the default Human theme. I used to be a big fan of blue, but to be honest, after having blue for a while and then switching to this orange theme it feels like the sun came after the rain. Blue is a cool, but cold color and orange is sunny which is good for the mood. Smiling

So I think Ubuntu guys have something going there, with all that orange. I actually like the default Human theme, which I use in this shot as well, although the window border theme is MurrineRoundedLessFramedIcon (at least it says so in Theme Details Eye ).

The wallpaper is the bright lion wallpaper from Gutsy wallpaper ideas page. I like that one (and animal series overall) much more than the one currently chosen as Gutsy default.

EDIT: Oops, uploaded the wrong wallpaper. Corrected now. Laughing out loud