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a little schizophrenia: plan9port on Arch GNU/Linux

Acme is a great editor, but it feels a bit strange outside its natural environment. OTOH a lot of useful software (eg firefox) is not available for Plan 9. Solution: use plan9port

Fedora 8 done right.

Fedora 8 done right.


So here we have my machine running amd64 SMP Fedora 8

Fluxbox + antialiased xterm, and it's pretty damn minimal

Faster than F7 was for me Smiling

Enjoy =]

My current sunny desktop

This is just a quick shot of my current desktop. I haven't done it in a while so here is it. I am beginning to like the Ubuntu orange/brown look more and more.

Old vs. New look

Old vs. New look

This image compares the old theme with the new theme.