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On we provide resources on key open source technologies in belief that open source plays a crucial part in empowering individuals, improving society, and creating a better future.

It's here

I need to think about this. Should I go there and blog out my feelings in a rage against Microsoft? Or, would they just turn around and potentially use that as ammo against Linux?

Let me give you an example. Suppose I say something simple like, "I can do more with Linux. I can mod my system and optimize it for free, taking advantage of slower hardware, or giving it fancy features that I cannot do as easily on Windows. Windows can only take me so far without having to pay for extras, and even then there aren't enough options." However, if I posted that, then all Microsoft has to do is turn around and tell their devs, "See? This is what we need to add to Vista, you dopes! Now get cracking!"


Got an office environment where the boss, who uses Windows, says he wants an intranet website where you can publish some Word docs? Want to use Linux? Don't want to go to the extreme of Mambo, Drupal, or some other CMS system? Here's something I've whipped up. It involves using a Linux Samba share along with a PHP-based web server on that same system. For Word doc conversion, I used wvHTML from the wv toolset, but if you don't like its simplistic conversion, you can use something else or ask the boss to save in HTML from within Word itself. And for obvious reasons, hopefully the system is set up with a static IP address instead of DHCP. Note that this information here is more for intermediate Linux users, not for newbies.


I recently installed Gentoo on my Mac. And it has proved the best decision so far.
First off, the hardware can be found here

I have done a good few gentoo installs in the past few years, but non-on anything but the x86 architecture.
When I first considered installing Gentoo, I believed that I would loose allot of functionality of the hard ware. And as it has an ATI, May even be stuck in a Virtual Terminal for the remainder of my ppc/gentoo life. This review should show how easy and how much functionality you do really loose when you open source your Mac.

As previously announced in an ealier article, I have finally completed the migration of my laptop from Debian Etch to Fedora Core 5.

I would like to write about it and my impressions after 5 days of using Fedora.

Fedora Core comes in a set of 5 CD-Roms, but you can install it from the net. I chose the first option, and it is important to actually have the 5 CDs ready for the installation (contrary to what one guy told me earlier). The installation  was a breeze. Anaconda, the graphical installer, is a little bit less good-looking than the SuSE or Mandriva installers, but its even more effective.

I've created a smaller version of my original doc, "Roll Your Own Firewall", so as to get right to the point. However, the concept of a short doc when talking about firewalls is a bit of an oxymoron.



Let's get to the point. You have a new Linux or Unix PC, and you want a firewall on it without something that confuses you nor sprays files all over your hard drive in unknown places. You don't want to use something third-party, and you want to improve it meticulously as you learn how to do so. SuperMike is going to hook you up!

It is essentially important to add a programming language like ASP to your website by using ASP hosting.