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Yes, as suggested, the blogging feature is here. It allows you to post things you feel aren't so suitable for forums as they could be for a blog. Thus you blog them here. While forums are for support questions and answers mainly as well as discussions of specific technical topics and articles are for reviews, tutorials and alike (which have to be approved before submission), blogs are for your rants on certain technical topics regarding Free Software.

So, maybe you believe a certain thing should be done differently in a certain application or even an operating system, but you don't feel like it would be something you'd put in a full scale article because you just want to get it out in a more straightforward way (less preparation, more spontaneity) - well rant it out in a Nuxified blog! This is the place for your technical Free Software rants.

What Nuxified blog is not, however, is for support questions and discussions (those should go to forums). It is also not so much for philosophical and ideological topics (we have a whole separate site for that in our network). This does not mean that we somehow believe philosophy doesn't play a big part in how Free Software is done, even on a technical level. It just goes in line with what this sites specific purpose should be: to help you, me, him and her run this Free Software with satisfaction, which means helping use, solve problems, develop, test, stretch, spin and whatever else you want to do with Free Software, as long as it is not making it less free. Smiling

This is also not a personal blog in a sense that you would go talk about your pets, girlfriends and what you et today here. Eye If you would like a blog where you can, among other things, post that and have much greater control over it, consider where we accept everyone that considers themselves part of the Free Software and Free Culture community.

So, how do you blog? It's really simple. Just click on a "my blog" link in the navigation menu on the left and you'll be given a link to post a new entry. Once you write it up and submit it should appear in a blogs section. Blog entries that gain most positive points by our users will be promoted to homepage. Note that we are still working on and testing that particular feature though.

You can blog about news aggregated into our GNUs block by click on the tiny "B" button next to every item. The full news section is here.

Thank you


Hey, that "B" button feature

Hey, that "B" button feature is something I've been looking for for ages. Something like it will be implemented in Durian... Damn that's one less unique feature. Oh well, I'll still have at least two unique features, probably more because programming tends to cause ideas.

Hehe well it might be a good

Hehe well it might be a good idea to go through existing drupal modules just to see what exists already and what not and maybe get some ideas on how to do certain things better or do something they don't do, because drupal really does cover alot.

That "B" button feature existed for some time already in drupal.

Oh, better look at

Oh, better look at everything not just drupal. It wasn't core functionality anyway, more of a gimmick I wanted because I sorely missed it in other systems. Back to topic.

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