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For those people who run Dual Boot systems, which OS do you use most?

0% (0 votes)
100% (7 votes)
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Total votes: 7


Although there is a


Although there is a Windows-installation on my PC I hardly ever see it. I actually don't remember when I last booted it, must be more than a month or two now.
I only start it when I want to play something, especially at this time where I'm still waiting for the new free ATI-driver.

I used to dual boot Linux

I used to dual boot Linux and Windows (with windows almost never being used), then my harddisk broke... and on the new one there is only Linux. From now on I will probably try to use wine if I ever need to run windows-only software.

I run a triple-boot


I run a triple-boot system.
Use (stats freely invented, but showing main OS):
99% Ubuntu: Main OS
0.9% XP: for things that don't work under Ubuntu yet (games, 56k modem) and cross-platform development
0.1% Debian: safety OS

multi-boot record: 4 xD
(due to openSUSE test)

The poll looks very nice so far. Sticking out tongue

Dual boot linux


Haven't used Windoze in a year and a half. Was using PCLinux2007 big time, but trying the new Mint4 now.
I must say, so far, Mint is pretty impressive and I am partial to GNOME. They have a neat little program
Envy that takes care of your ATI and NVidia driver installs. Another nicety is their software portal. It's clean and fast, but before I do a lot of customizing and updates I'll just play around a bit. I may switch, but too early to tell.


I have a triple-boot of all Linux/GNU Operating Systems:

LinuxMint-7 -Gnome
Xubuntu 9.10
and Debian Squeeze (testing) -Xfce

PuppyLinux 4.2.1 -Xfce

I deleted all remnants of any MS Windows OS long ago.

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