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What Nexuiz/OpenArena game modes would you like to play (or are good with)?

Classic Deathmatch / Free For All
50% (4 votes)
Team Deathmatch
13% (1 vote)
Domination / Tournament
0% (0 votes)
Capture The Flag
25% (2 votes)
Rune Match
0% (0 votes)
Last Man Standing
0% (0 votes)
Key Hunt
13% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 8


Wouldn't it be better if


Wouldn't it be better if this poll would be multiple choice?

Now that you mention it

Now that you mention it probably would. Interestingly though the standard poll module doesn't appear to support this. Incredible that we never needed multiple choice before. :S

I can install a more advanced poll module, but the only one available right now for this version is not supported anymore and would need to replace this one, which could lead to messy situations. :\

Hmm just vote for the mode that is the best favorite and if there is more specify in comments and it will be taken into account.

Thank you for understanding.

No problem. Just wanted to


No problem. Just wanted to mention it since I thought it might be useful.
I'll think about what I'm going to vote for as my favorite.

Just to be clear, I'm


Just to be clear, I'm assuming this question pertains to teamplay right? 1v1 play only makes sense in DM, and maybe DOM and select CTF maps.

Actually it's for both team

Actually it's for both team play and sole play. 1vs1 is basically a sub-category of some modes, like you said, for example, DM and CTF.

Could you eplain what the


Could you explain what the different modes are?

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