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Add Linus Mint?

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In PClinuxOS magazine, issue no. 10 - June 2007, BigBearOmaha reviews Linux Mint and concludes:

"Linux Mint is a very solid distro with a great bunch of people in the community, and
while PCLinuxOS is known as the distro hopper - stopper, if you ever want to see another shining example of the true spirit of Linux in action and want to broaden your experiences with a dependable, solid Linux distro, I whole heartedly recommend you give Linux Mint a fair chance. It will certainly be worth your time."

On Distrowatch, Linux Mint is no.6 = "hits per day". I think already is brilliant, but I hope you agree Mint should be included in the listed distros?

My thanks to all who adhere to "....the true spirit of Linux"

Best regards.....arnakke

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Hi arnakke, that's a solid

Hi arnakke, that's a solid suggestion. I just moved this topic to the Support forum since while it is relevant to "Free Operating Systems" too, it is a suggestion specific to whose support forum gladly hosts. Smiling

I believe you should hear from site owner about this suggestion soon.


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Mint in your hands
arnakke wrote:

On Distrowatch, Linux Mint is no.6 = "hits per day". I think already is brilliant, but I hope you agree Mint should be included in the listed distros?

You are perfectly right and we can consider adding Mint to the "supported distros". First we need to have a good description of Mint, though. I set up this wiki page to edit the details of Mint features:
This is just a plain copy of Ubuntu page now, but anyone can edit it so hopefully when the description is good enough I will add it to the distro comparison and write some review as in other systems on

Recently we added PCLinuxOS thanks to the help of some PCLinuxOS fan who edited our wiki and added all the proper info. Mint can be next, it's all in your hands now!

Joined: 2006-03-28
I didn't try Linux Mint and

I didn't try Linux Mint and also didn't read the article I'm about to link, but already the title Linux Mint 3.1 is not especially refreshing isn't very encouraging.

Joined: 2007-11-07
Mint....plse. pick up the gauntlet?

I am a newbie to Linux, i.e. I don't consider myself competent to "take Mint in my hands".

To "Reptiler": if you are of the venemous kind, remember a serum can be made from venom; it is nor just a poison?

I just saw on "distrowatch" Mint has 9 points, higher than both Ubuntu and PCLinuxOS.

I hope someone will pick up the glove......maybe "Reptiler" could be bothered to 'prove' that Mint is not especially refreshing?

Joined: 2006-03-28
I'm extremely poisonous,

I'm extremely poisonous, but I rarely bite. ;-)

I have actually nothing against Mint, I just had seen that article (I didn't write it, I didn't even read it) and wanted to link it here, to give people the option to read it when looking through information on Linux Mint, because I think people looking for information should get the whole picture, not only the "wows", but also not only the "boos".

And, as said, I didn't try Mint (yet), so I can neither prove nor disprove if it is refreshing or not.

As I don't know Linux Mint I wouldn't recommend it to anybody, but I also wouldn't tell anybody not to use it if they decide to go for it. It is based on Ubuntu, so I guess it should be quite a good system; although I also have to admit that I didn't use Ubuntu very much.

But what I can tell people about, from personal experience, are these distros: Fedora, Debian, Slackware, Linux from Scratch and EasyLFS.
Those distros I have worked with, EasyLFS even is my own project. I also have worked with Suse, but that's long ago (it was version 6.2), so I wouldn't say I know much about how Suse is today.

That said, I don't think there's a glove to pick up, at least not for me. ;-)

Joined: 2008-05-29
derived distro's

I'm a distro hopper, downloader, tester, looking for the ultimate replacement for WinXP. I have 6 pc's to test on, from an older PIII to a P4DC, with both ATI and NVIDIA videocards.
I never test without rewritables, since I don't trust them 100%.

Mepis7 is a good and very complete and stable distro based on Debian.
Granular1 is a good and nice to work with derivative of PClinuxOS/Mandrake.
Wolvix is the better Slackware-based, I think, it is complete, stable and works on older pc's.
Puppy4 does amazing things on both older and newer pc's, but it doesn't like WINE.

Since I had hard times with Ubuntu 2 years ago, I've always appreciated the full version of Mint. The 2% they added just did it for me: finally everything just worked without having to find out how. Later on they added original stuff that just eases the discovery experience.

Some pc's don't want to install *buntu's. Mepis sometimes has difficulty too. Granular1, Wolvix and Puppy4 can be installed on all my pc's, regardless cpu or videocard.


Goodday I'm new here
And it looks like a great forum, so just wanted to say hello! Smiling:)Smiling
And looking forward to participating.
Going on vacation for a few days, so i'll be back

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